Congratulations Winners

Sunday,  August 6
A:, B:& C:
Martha Arrington & John Arrington

Friday, August 4
Dana Christensen & Randy Gentilon
Pam Circuit & Mary Ellen McFarlane
Martha Arrington & Kathy Thomas

Wednesday, August 9
Randy Gentillon & Dana Christensen (North/South)
Nelle Lucas & Jim Lucas (East/West).
Corky Parks & Betty Kline (North/South)
Nelle Lucas & Jim Lucas (East/West)
Marilyn Ebner & Ken James (North/South)
Anne Mitchell & Romney Duffey (East/West)

Please Make a Reservation
Please reserve a day or more in advance to help ensure that the game takes place and we will call you if the game is canceled.

The Idaho Falls bridge club is a friendly place where people can play bridge or to Learn to play bridge. You may bring your own partner. If you need assistance finding a partner for a game, ask the Club Manager to help you find a suitable and friendly partner for you by calling Randy ( 208-521-7821) or Patrick Keeley (208-403-7770) a day or more in advance of the game in which you would like to play.

 Hand records are provided at the conclusion of most games.

1421 Benton Street
Idaho Falls, ID

Phone: 208-521-7821



Game Schedule
Wednesday: 12:30 P.M
Friday:  12:30 P.M.
Sunday:  1:00 P.M.


American Contract Bridge League